Our Story


SPARKy Productions was established in 1998 by two local Telluride mothers, Jennie Franks and Katie Jewitt. There was a need to educate young people about HIV/AIDS in small towns such as Telluride, Colorado. So, a film was made, SOFT SMOKE, AIDS IN THE RURAL WEST, which was shown each year at the Telluride High School, Health Departments and film festivals all over the country as an educational tool.

Since then, SPARKy has made two more children’s films. The award winning, THE BALLAD OF AURTHUR MULDOON, with Terry Jones of Monty Python and over 100 local Telluride children. The second film was TELLURIDE, LIT UP LIKE THE FOURTH OF JULY. For the next 10 ten years each summer, SPARKy
produced THE TELLURIDE PLAYWRIGHTS FESTIVAL bringing professional actors, playwrights and directors from major theatre companies all over the country. 

For the last year of the Festival in 2016, SPARKy produced an original play written and researched by Jennie Franks called THE HISPANIC WOMEN’S PROJECT. The play was based on true stories of local Latinas who work and live in the region. It was performed for five nights at The Sheridan Opera House by local women of all ethnicities. The play's sold-out performances
and generosity of the community, generated the SPARK Latina Scholarship Fund. SPARKy is committed to raising money for the SPARK Latina Scholarship Fund.


SPARKy’s next project is TAMING WILD THOUGHTS, a dance/theatre performance, with prima ballerina Valerie Madonia, performance artiste and dancer Andre Koslowski and actor Jennie Franks. This performance will be showcased at the Michael D. Palm Theater, October 7/8/9 2021.