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About SPARKy

 We are a Telluride, Colorado, non-profit.  In 2016 we produced a play highlighting local Latina stories called THE HISPANIC WOMEN"S PROJECT.  Though that awareness we are now committed to helping all young Latinas in our region 9th -12th to prepare them for their futures.  We award college scholarships through The SPARK Latina Scholarship Fund. 

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We also take on local and social issues through theater, film, music, dance or whiWe believe that by engaging audiences through the arts creates stronger communities.

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Our Story

SPARKy Productions was established in 1998 by two local Telluride mothers, Jennie Franks and
Katie Jewitt. There was a need to educate young people about HIV/AIDS in small towns such as Telluride, Colorado. So, a film was made, SOFT SMOKE, AIDS IN THE RURAL WEST, which was shown each year at the Telluride High School, Health Departments and film festivals all over the country as an educational tool.


Since then, SPARKy has made two more children’s films. The award winning, THE BALLAD OF AURTHUR MULDOON, with Terry Jones of Monty Python and over 100 local Telluride children. The second film was TELLURIDE, LIT UP LIKE THE FOURTH OF JULY. For the next 10 ten years each summer, SPARKy
produced THE TELLURIDE PLAYWRIGHTS FESTIVAL bringing professional actors, playwrights and
directors from major theatre companies all over the country. 

For the last year of the Festival in 2016, SPARKy produced an original play written and researched by Jennie Franks called THE HISPANIC WOMEN’S PROJECT. The play was based on
true stories of local Latinas who work and live in the region. It was performed for five nights at
The Sheridan Opera House by local women of all ethnicities. The play's sold-out performances
and generosity of the community, generated the SPARK Latina Scholarship Fund.
SPARKy is committed to raising money for the SPARK Latina Scholarship Fund.


SPARKy’s next project is TAMING WILD THOUGHTS, a dance/theatre performance, with prima ballerina Valerie Madonia, performance artiste and dancer Andre Koslowski and actor Jennie Franks. This performance will be showcased at the Michael D. Palm Theater, October 7/8/9 2021.


The Hispanic Women's Project


THE HISPANIC WOMEN'S PROJECT TELLS THE STORIES OF LOCAL LATINAS. THROUGh THEIR raw HONESTY AND BRAVERY regarding their lives coming to america, the spark latina scholarship fund was created. we made a commitment to raise money and help young latina's prepare and go to college. 

To date SPARKy has PAID FOR AND HELPED SIX latina women GO to college. WE WILL stand by their side and supporT them throughout their college years.


The Latina Scholarship Fund

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The SPARK Latina Scholarship Fund aims to honor promising, young Latinas and raise awareness of the contributions of Hispanic women in the Telluride region. We provide scholarships to Latina graduates of Telluride and Norwood High Schools.

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This years recipients are...

This year THE SPARK LATINA SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to two Telluride High School graduates. Each graduate will receive $32,000. 

Nicole Esquivel will be attending University of Colorado Boulder  and Janette Calvo will be attending Regis College in Denver.

past Recipients' Stories
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 Erika and Brenda 

Erika (2019)

I want to thank all of you so much for giving me this opportunity to be able to go to college. If it
wasn’t for your decision to choose me for this scholarship, I would have no hope to be able to
attend college. This scholarship is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me.

Colorado Mesa College, Grand Junction
Brenda (2020)

Thank you! I am honored to have received the SPARKy Scholarship. I hope I can make all of the women who told their stories to all of you PROUD. THANK YOU again because without this scholarship these possibilities wouldn't have been available to me. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Fort Lewis College, Durango
Nataly (2018)

I can’t thank SPARKy enough for what they have done for me. I have met some empowering and wonderful women through this program. I have unlimited support from them both in Denver and when I come home to Norwood/Telluride. I am forever grateful and only hope to be as inspiring as the women I’ve met thanks to SPARKy.

Regis College, Denver
Cindy's Story

I wanted to thank each and every one of you for helping me every step of the way. You have inspired me to keep pushing and follow my dreams. I am about to be the first in my family to graduate from college! I am a young Hispanic female graduating in December. It brings tears to my eyes because I never thought I would financially be able to be here but with your help, you have helped me succeed and be able to finish school. No words could ever say thank you enough because truly I am grateful for everything y’all have done for me.




Cindy Matamoros graduated in December of 2019. She has since moved to Oklahoma and is the Administrative Assistant for SPARKy. 


We've just had our SECOND SPARKy Scholarship Graduate,  Nataly Gonzalas has graduated from Regis College in Denver where she will continue her education.

Both Nataly and Cindy are also part of our SPARKy Family; mentoring and supporting our girls throughout their college lives.   We not only give money to help the girls but we're with them every step of the way to ensure their success.  This year SPARKy is reaching young Latinas 9th - 12th grade to help prepare them for life after school. 

Please consider donating to SPARKy... we can keep producing relevant, extraordinary theater and keep sending young Latinas off to college. The SPARKy Latina Scholarship Fund is managed by The Telluride Foundation. If you would like to be involved in these amazing young women’s lives by helping and mentoring them, please contact us.





mission statement

SPARKy Productions is committed to keeping alive the diverse cultural life of rural communities through theatre, film, music and THE SPARK LATINA SCHOLARSHIP FUND TO educate all segments of the community.
The Sparky Board

Barbara Hinterkopf | President

Rachel Shaw Bowers | Vice President

Jennie Franks | Artistic Director

Alan Towbin | Treasurer

Arline Baker | Secretary

Joanne Steinback | Fundraising

Melanie S. McGlade  | Fundraising

Ashley Williamson | School Liaison

Cindy Matamoros | Administrator Assistant/Student Mentor

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